diversion/movie: Iron Man (2008)

I can hear the breathless Hollywood pitch: “Robocop meets 007 meets Terminator III meets True Lies meets Superman“. But terrorists still neither succeed nor surrender, Miss Moneypenny still doesn’t get Bond, and still no one cares. A cookie-cutter, faux-military audio track to bludgeon the American audiences awake, and an assumption that all viewers failed Physics, or should have.

Once Marketing’s time limit draws near, and Daddy Warbucks 2.0 in his outsized Aliens power suit meets with his Focus-Group-validated end, it’s time to put the audience out of its misery with a contrived Empire Strikes Back sequel-hook. After all, there are more eager ticket holders behind the theater ropes, and Netflix wants its DVD back. All Brought To You by Audiā„¢.

Second-order derivative. Rotten.

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